Probate Lawyers in Springfield, Missouri

You have lost a loved one and now you find out that you have been appointed to serve as the Personal Representative of the Probate estate or as the Trustee of his or her Trust. It is very easy to be overwhelmed at this point in your life. Our goal as Trust and Probate lawyers is to relieve your burden by providing you with personal guidance in handling the duties that your loved one has entrusted you to fulfill on his or her behalf. Your mind is full of many questions at a time that your heart is grief-stricken. Please allow us to help you through this process, so that you may focus on your family at this very important time of your life.

You need experienced Probate and Trust lawyers to advise you and help you through the court procedures associated with Probate and Trust administration. Our firm assists clients who live in the Southwestern Missouri area or out of state and have Probate or Trust matters in the Springfield area. We provide a wide range of Probate and Trust administration services, including:

  • Probating of Wills
  • Administration of Probate estates without a Will
  • Negotiations with creditors and other institutions to settle the claims that may have been filed against the Trust or the Probate estate
  • Trust Administration and legal Counsel for Trustees
  • Estate Tax Return preparation
  • Will and Trust Contests Litigation
  • Trustee Fiduciary responsibilities

Please  contact us for assistance in handling your Missouri Probate Court and Trust administration matters and receive answers to all of your questions during this difficult time.