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Even Heroes Are Denied Workers’ Compensation

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Every day, injured workers are denied workers’ compensation. The denial does not mean that the work injury didn’t happen. It also does not mean that the victim doesn’t deserve benefits. More often than not, the denial is the result of complex, technical rules.

Denials like these can happen to anyone, in any line of work, even our most valued heroes. According to an article from Newsweek, police officers who sprang into action during the Las Vegas shooting are being denied workers’ compensation just because of one vague rule.

When Work Injuries Happen Out Of State

The officers were off-duty California police. The lives they saved were not taken into consideration in the workers’ compensation determination. They were denied because of a single line in the California Labor Code that says benefits will be offered to anyone who is injured in the line of duty “anywhere in this state.” They were denied because the injuries occurred in Nevada, not California.

This problem is not limited to California, nor is it limited to law enforcement personnel. Each state has its own unique workers’ compensation laws, and that can cause serious problems for any worker who crosses state lines for work, including truck drivers, construction workers and more. In Springfield, Missouri, we are near the border to three other states. Many workers travel, and the dangers of most jobs don’t stop at the border.

Furthermore, this is not the only example of workers being denied workers’ compensation benefits on a technicality. If heroes like these police officers can be denied, anyone can, and many have.

Denials Can Be Fought

Injured workers should be aware that denials are not only common, they can and should be fought. It may still be possible to identify the reason for the denial and address it in order to get the necessary benefits.

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