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What workplace accidents should I be on guard against?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2017 | Construction Accidents, Firm News |

Each day you go to work, you go with the expectation of performing your duties and earning a paycheck. Whether you work in the construction, health care, manufacturing or law enforcement field in Missouri, the risk of accidents happening on the job increase every day. According to CNN Money, the industries that had the highest rate of workplace accidents in 2015 were manufacturing, warehousing and construction. 

Your employer must provide you with safe working conditions. The measures they take to minimize your risk of injury and death may not prevent all accidents from happening. But they can have a major impact on the severity of trauma you sustain and the length of time you may need off from work to recover. Take some time to learn about three common causes of workplace accidents so you can take measures to protect yourself. 

Lack of lighting 

Accidents are more likely to occur when there is not enough lighting for workers to see. Poorly lit entryways, workspaces and other areas on the job can lead to fall injuries, such as broken bones, fractures, brain damage and death. Workers should notify their bosses when there is insufficient lighting. They should also proceed with caution in areas where is low lighting and visibility.

Hazardous materials 

Some people work in environments where there are hazardous materials present. Exposure to them can cause them to become ill and develop chronic illnesses. To limit their chances of exposure, workers should wear proper safety gear and adhere to all safety rules and protocols for handling hazardous materials. 


Workers who work long hours, several jobs and do not get enough sleep at night may find themselves experiencing workplace accidents. Their fatigue diminishes their capacity to make good decisions and stay alert. Tired workers should take breaks and arrange their schedules to increase the amount of rest they get before going to work. 

Most workplace accidents are preventable. Do not solely rely on your employer to do what is necessary to keep you safe on the job. Do your part by staying alert, following all rules and policies and avoiding and reporting hazardous conditions.

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