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Does workers’ compensation cover all accident-related expenses?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |

Many workers in Missouri may not realize their employers must have insurance to compensate them when they are unable to work due to accidents that happen onsite, regardless of fault. “Workers’ compensation insurance provides financial medical benefits and lost wage support in exchange for them not suing their employers,” states FindLaw. Some workers may believe their workers’ compensation benefits are enough to cover any workplace accident-related expenses. But the truth is, many employers and their insurance companies will do everything they can to pay out the smallest amount. 

Some workplace accidents create insurmountable financial expenses that can make it hard for victims recover from. Bear in mind that the more severe accidents are, the greater the medical costs and lost wages. For example, the cost of medical care is skyrocketing. Benefits that are paid out at the current rate, often do not reflect inflation costs. The cost of living is also increasing. Workplace accident victims who lose their health and ability to earn a living indefinitely must resort to other means of support like public benefits. 

Some accident situations may allow injured workers to file claims against third-parties and the companies they represent. There may also be other issues that increase the number of resources claimants have to recover compensation for their accident-related expenses. 

There are restrictions and stipulations that determine the type and amount of compensation victims can recover from workers’ compensation and other avenues. Many workplace accident victims find it beneficial to seek out legal guidance for their situations to reduce the number of challenges and financial hardships they may experience.

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