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Workplace fatalities higher for older worker

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2018 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |

When it comes to workplace accidents in Springfield and across the country, one trend that is gaining public attention involves older workers. According to the Insurance Journal, the “number of older Americans dying from workplace accidents is increasing even though the number of fatalities across all worker age groups is on the decline.” If you are approaching retirement age and thinking about working instead of retiring, you should consider how your health might be affected by on the job hazards. 

As the body ages, its ability to recover from illness and trauma decreases. Older people often require more time to recover than their younger counterparts. Elderly employees are also slower and their bodies more susceptible to injury. Many of them experience balance, vision and other issues that make it more challenging for them to perform their job duties. Though the number of workplace accidents involving older workers is declining, the severity of injuries sustained in accidents is more severe, states the Claims Journal. 

Many employers recognize the importance of creating and maintaining safe work environments. Older workers might require modifications to their duties because they are not in the same physical condition they were in years ago when they first started working. Certain job functions put them at a higher risk of developing serious, chronic and life-threatening conditions. For example, older workers are likely to injure their musculoskeletal systems from repeatedly lifting objects. 

Workers who intend to work well into their senior years should consider the effects of old age on their safety at work. They should also request for age-appropriate accommodations when necessary to reduce the chances of workplace accidents and injuries.

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