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Amputation is likely if you work in the manufacturing industry

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |

Many people believe that constructions workers in the Springfield area are at high risk for catastrophic workplace injuries. What they might not realize is that safety risks are present in most work environments. Employers must take measures to minimize hazards for their workers, especially in jobs where heavy machinery and dangerous working conditions are present. Individuals who work in the manufacturing industry are more likely to suffer amputation injuries than any other work sector, states CNN Money. 

According to Manufacturing.net, “employers must report serious workplace accidents,” especially those involving amputations and hospitalizations to OSHA. If OSHA determines after investigation that an employer was negligent in maintaining a safe work environment and working equipment, they must pay fines, workers’ compensation benefits to the victims and may face other legal action. 

The pain and suffering that workers experience from losing a limb can be overwhelming. They can no longer use their skills to work their jobs and are no longer capable of maintaining their standard of living because they cannot afford their medical expenses, recovery costs and essential needs. They are not the only ones who suffer. Their dependents and loved ones must also deal with the consequences. 

It is important for injured workers to file incident reports and workers’ compensation claims in a timely manner. They should not rely on their employers to look out for their best interests. Because of the severity of their injuries and the limitations their amputations cause, many victims find it helpful to work with an attorney.

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