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Why should I report minor injuries to my employer?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |

If you have an accident at work in Springfield, you might not realize when you should file an incident report for your injuries. Not all injuries are severe when they first occur. It is important for you to report all injuries, even those you feel are minor and insignificant to establish a record of them. 

By law, you must report all injuries, even those that seem minor within a certain time frame. According to the Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, injured workers must report their injuries or occupational illnesses within 30 days of incident or diagnosis. Failure to do so is likely to give your employer more grounds to dispute your workers’ compensation claim. Employers are not obligated to help injured workers receive workers’ compensation benefits. In fact, many employers dispute claims to avoid having their workers’ compensation insurance premiums increased. 

Cumulative injuries can develop over time. Employees might not realize their injuries are the result of previous workplace accidents. It is important for workers to document every ache, laceration and accident-related symptom they have and provide a copy of them to their employers. They should also document the time of their accidents, the names and job titles of any co-workers who witness their accidents and get medically evaluated. 

Employers who meet certain criteria must carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect their workers from the financial hardship that accidents and related medical expenses cause. It is up to employees to know their workplace injury rights and take proper precautions to prevent complications with their workers’ compensation benefits claims.

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