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What is a repetitive motion injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |

Missouri residents who work in a wide range of jobs may be at risk for developing a repetitive motion injury that is related to the performing of their work duties. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one type of condition that can be experienced due to repetitive strain on an area in the wrist or hand.

WebMD.com explains that bursitis and tendinitis are the two most common forms of repetitive strain or repetitive motion injuries. A bursa is essentially a fluid-filled sac that cushions the friction point between a tendon and a bone. When it becomes agitated and bursitis develops, it will swell and a person may even notice a reduced range of motion in the area. Manual labor is said to be one contributing factor to bursitis.

A tendon connects bones and muscles and naturally undergoes much repetitive motion. Some of this motion, however may lead to inflammation and tendinitis. In addition to swelling, the skin may be red and even warm to the touch. Some people might be woken up at night due to the pain from a repetitive motion injury. Treatment of tendinitis or bursitis may involve rest, restricted use for some period of time, medications such as steroids and anti-inflammatories as well as physical therapy.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to provide Missouri residents with an overview of what tendinitis and bursitis, two common forms of repetitive motion injuries, are and when they may need to seek help for them.

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