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First aid for fall victims

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2018 | Construction Accidents, Firm News |

Missouri laws and federal regulations attempt to prevent falls on building sites, but no amount of preparation could possibly cover every possible risk. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and it is important to be ready for this unlikely occurrence. 

Witnessing a construction accident is often stressful. Being the victim of one is even worse. Despite the emotions and adrenaline, it is often necessary to remember the importance of certain actions in order to secure the best possible future for everyone involved. 

Some of the things discussed here could save lives, but this article is not a substitute for an expert medical opinion. There are also some points here that could help substantiate a victim’s case against an insurer that was reluctant to pay out benefits or an employer who was uncooperative with the workers’ compensation process.

After calling for medical professionals, the first recommended step after a fall is usually to secure the accident area. This could include several actions:

  • Making sure no other workers are at risk for a fall
  • Checking for hazards that could further injure the fallen worker
  • Keeping people clear of the victim

Note that it is often not necessary to move a worker who fell. Doing so, according to the Mayo Clinic, could result in paralysis or other severe conditions resulting from an agitated spinal injury.

According to FindLaw, falls are one of the more common workplace accidents. However, each case is different. It is important to take full account of the details of each individual event as soon as possible after it happens. This information could help medical first responders when they arrive and the injury site. It could also provide essential information during legal proceedings, such as workers’ compensation and personal injury disputes. 

The situations surrounding construction fall accidents sometimes also provide grounds for personal injury lawsuits, as mentioned in the FindLaw article. These suits are considerably less standardized than the workers’ compensation program and therefore tend to require robust evidence to increase the claimant’s chances of successfully securing compensation. 

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