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The dangers of a wandering mind while driving

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Even if Missouri motorists keep both hands on the steering wheel and both eyes on the road, that does not necessarily equal driving without distraction. Some drivers tend to space out behind the wheel, which can lead to accidents.  

Science Daily explores the dangers of a wandering mind while driving. Such insights can help drivers who often arrive at their destination without remembering how they got there. 

The dangers of monotony 

Often, it is when drivers commute to and from work that their minds wander, lulled by familiar routes that can put them on autopilot. Driving while mentally exhausted also facilitates mental distraction.  

Internal dialogue  

Another source of a wandering mind is when drivers engage in an internal dialogue with their inner thoughts, which diverts a portion of their attention from the road. This, along with daydreaming, makes it more difficult for drivers to quickly respond to sudden road hazards. 

Medical conditions  

Some mental conditions also cause a driver’s mind to wander, notes Verywell Health. For instance, a transient ischemic attack is a type of stroke that can lead to memory loss and an inability to communicate. Seizures often lead to a loss of consciousness and uncontrollable motor functionality. Low blood pressure and the resulting decreased flow of blood to the brain may lead to lightheadedness.  

Drivers who frequently find that their minds wander, no matter if it happens behind the wheel, may need medical attention. Making an appointment with a doctor could reveal an undiagnosed medical condition, an insight that may potentially prevent an unnecessary distracted driving accident, as well as improve the person’s overall health. 

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