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St. Charles County collision kills four

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Driving a vehicle on Springfield’s roads often requires a lot of the driver. There is the need to check road signs to determine the correct route and know the posted speed limit. A driver might also be required to respond to passenger inquiries. Yet their primary responsibility should always be to have their attention fixed to the road ahead, as the failure to do so (even if only for a brief moment) can lead to catastrophic results. Sadly, many often allow distractions (both self-made and inadvertent) to prompt failures in meeting this expectation.

Authorities are still attempting to determine if that is indeed what happened in a devastating collision that recently occurred in St. Charles County. A young man driving a pickup truck along Highway 364 suddenly lost control of the vehicle, which then began to overturn. It subsequently struck two vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. The driver of the truck and one of the vehicles struck survived the collision. Sadly, all of the occupants of the other vehicle were killed.

Sometimes all that is needed for a driver to be distracted to the point of becoming a danger to others is to simply take their eyes off the road for a few moments. What many fail to realize is that in those few moments, their vehicle still travels over a good deal of space. Their response time is also shortened when they do bring their attention back to the road.

Even is a distraction is inadvertent, it still leaves those who engage in them liable for accident injuries and expenses. Those needing to seek compensation may want to seek out the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to seek guidance and assistance.

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