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Does listening to fast music increase car accident risk?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Even if your daily work commute takes only 15 minutes each way, you spend at least two and a half hours behind the wheel every single week. Listening to your favorite band or playlist is an effective way to pass the time.

When you drive, you must be careful to avoid distractions. While not looking at your smartphone is a wise approach, you must also be mindful of the music on your car’s stereo. According to a recent study, fast music may increase a person’s car accident risk.

How fast is too fast?

The study’s researchers found that listening to music with a tempo over 120 beats per minute may be dangerous for drivers. That is, in the study, drivers with fast music had more car accidents than those listening to slower-tempo music or no music at all.

Why is listening to fast music risky?

In the controlled study, drivers with fast-tempo music showed signs of distraction. They also took more driving risks, including changing lanes close to other vehicles and speeding through traffic lights. Interestingly, up-tempo listeners also had higher heart rates than those listening to no or slower music.

What can you do to stay safe?

A car accident may leave you with serious injuries and considerable property damage. Consequently, you must take steps to avoid distracted driving. Opting for a driving soundtrack that has fewer beats per minute may save your life.

When picking your musical selection, find something you enjoy that does not trigger an emotional response. Regardless of your musical preferences, always turn off your music if you notice yourself driving dangerously.

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