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Who is most likely to drive distracted?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Personal Injury |

It is very easy to stereotype a whole group of people as being the most likely to drive distracted. However, such stereotypes are usually incorrect.

According to Reader’s Digest, studies show that there are a few groups of people who are most likely to drive distracted, and these groups are quite diverse. The chances are that you may fall into one of these groups. In addition, many of the groups will probably surprise you.

The obvious

If you were to answer the question, “who is most likely to drive distracted,” you would probably say young drivers. You would only be partially correct. Young men are on the list of people who are most likely to drive while distracted, but age does not really seem to play a huge role in this situation.

The not so obvious

Beyond young males, the other groups include neurotic and extroverted people. They also include people who drive a lot, think it is socially acceptable to drive distracted, and those who feel they cannot avoid distracted driving.

Looking at those groups, the last few are people who can change the trigger for distracted driving. They can learn more about it, and find out that it is not acceptable in any way. These drivers could benefit from more education and learning about the devastating effects of distracted driving.

The other groups may not be able to change the characteristic that makes them more likely to drive distracted, but they can become more mindful. If you fall into one of these groups, then make a concentrated effort to avoid distractions when behind the wheel.

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