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Single-car accident in South County kills two

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Personal Injury |

The first thoughts that people in Missouri have after experiencing a car accident likely do not involve seeking legal action. Rather, such a need may only become apparent after one fully ascertains the extent of the accident expenses they must deal with. Insurance coverage may offer some relief, but often one’s costs exceed the reimbursement a policy offers. This leaves them with little choice but to seek compensation from the party responsible for their accident.

Pursuing such action may be difficult when such compensation would come from the driver of the vehicle one traveled in as a passenger. In such a scenario, one probably has a personal relationship with the driver, which could complicate any potential legal action.

Icy roads a potential cause of fatal South County collision

A recent accident in South County illustrates this point. According to the local Fox News affiliate, two women traveling in a Sedan died after their vehicle lost control and struck a tree. Authorities report that there were no other vehicles involved in the collision. While officials continue to look into the cause of the collision, they note the snowy conditions at the time of the accident.

Compensation following a fatal car accidents

Information surfacing from the aforementioned case shows that the women involved shared a sister-like bond. In scenarios such as this, many might question how one side could seek compensation from the other. Yet the unique circumstances of a car accident may imply a liability that makes such action necessary (such as potentially driving at speeds considered unsafe given road conditions). Financial remuneration may seem impossible when the party it would come from died in a collision. Accident victims can, however, seek compensation from one’s estate.

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