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What is the law about cell phone use and driving?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Many states have strict laws about cell phone use when behind the wheel. Missouri also has rules for all drivers but does all for exceptions.

The Revisor of Missouri states the general law prohibits the use of a cell phone when driving but only for drivers under the age of 21 and those driving commercial vehicles. There is no law in the state to ban use for drivers over the age of 21, which makes Missouri one of the very few states without such a law.


There are exceptions to this law, though. A person may use a cell phone if there is an emergency and he or she is calling for help. If the person is driving an emergency vehicle or reporting illegal activity, these are also allowed. If cell phone use is necessary to stop someone from injuring someone else, this is ok.

Also, hands-free devices are completely legal for all drivers. It is important to note local laws cannot supersede state law. If a local area makes cell phone use legal, then you will still be in violation of the state law.

Cell phone use

It is important to note cell phone use means talking on the phone while holding the device. It also includes text messaging or accessing the internet. All types of mobile devices fall under this law. However, a device that is part of the vehicle does not fall under the restrictions of this law. Also allowed includes the process of entering numbers into the phone to make a call.

Using a cell phone while driving when you are under the age of 21, is a moving violation. You may receive points on your driving record. You may also end up with other punishments from the court.

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