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Why might a cancer misdiagnosis occur?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

It is widely known that for most cancers, it is best to diagnose as early as possible. Finding cancer before it has a chance to grow and spread can greatly increase the survival rate in most cases.

If you have a misdiagnosis of your cancer, though, it can slow things down. You could end up with a delay lasting months or even longer. During that time, cancer can grow and spread. WebMD explains a cancer misdiagnosis could occur for a variety of reasons.

Nature of the disease

Some forms of cancer are naturally easier to overlook or more difficult to identify. Sometimes, it simply takes many tests and a longer process to lead to a proper diagnosis. If this happens, though, the doctor will usually have an idea that you have cancer, but you will have a delay in diagnosis instead of a mistaken diagnosis.

Missed signs

It is also possible for a doctor to simply miss the signs. Some doctors are dismissive of complaints you have for whatever reason. If your doctor is not paying attention and not giving what you say enough weight, it would be very possible to miss certain types of cancers.

Rare situations

Another reason why your doctor may miss your cancer is that you have a rare type of disease. Rare cancers may not be something your doctor even knows about or has ever seen before. It is far too easy for the doctor to dismiss the idea you have that type of cancer than to try to investigate it.

Misdiagnosing cancer often happens because the doctor is not paying attention or is not familiar with the disease. When this happens, it leads to you going without much-needed treatment, which allows the disease to progress.

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