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The toll of speeding-related traffic accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Personal Injury |

You could become injured in a car crash for many reasons, whether you collide with a drunk driver or find yourself in an accident due to low visibility. Speeding is another risk factor that results in many accidents each year, and it is essential for all drivers to understand how dangerous speeding is. In addition to many lost lives, speeding also causes an alarming number of serious injuries each year.

Reviewing risk factors and statistics on speed-related accidents can help drivers stay focused and abide by traffic safety guidelines behind the wheel.

The impact of speed-related accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that according to estimates, 326,000 people suffered injuries in speed-related accidents throughout 2019. In fact, this accounted for 12% of all traffic accident injuries over the course of the year. Moreover, speeding played a role in crashes that claimed more than 9,400 lives in 2019, or 26% of all deadly traffic accidents.

Other statistics on speed-related crashes

In 2019, younger drivers between the ages of 15 and 24 who drove over the speed limit found themselves involved in more fatal accidents than older drivers. Many deadly speed-related accidents took place on icy or snowy roads, and 26% of speeding drivers involved in fatal accidents lacked a valid driver’s license.

Speeding not only increases the odds of a traffic accident, but it also increases the likelihood that serious injuries will occur. If a speeding driver caused an accident that caused you or a loved one to become hurt, you need to immediately go over your legal options.

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