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How can medication errors happen in a busy office?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Taking the wrong kind of medicine or an inaccurate amount of pills can leave you with serious health issues. The source of this problem often comes from medication errors that originate during an office visit.

Medical professionals who work in busy offices often have to deal with continual noise and confusion.

Conversations and interruptions

According to the National Library of Medicine, a doctor may write the wrong number on the prescription for you if a person interrupts them or causes them to lose their concentration while writing.

These kinds of interruptions can seem insignificant at the time but could end with you leaving with the wrong prescription. Your doctor may even accidentally omit an important fact while writing because of this distraction.


Your doctor could fail to check for drugs that react poorly to other drugs you take if they become overwhelmed by other people talking to them. Not only will this prevent the medicine from working properly, but it could also lead to a severe reaction and internal bleeding or other issues.

Confusion over instructions

When you visit the doctor’s office, you typically expect to learn about how to ingest or apply the medicine you need. If your doctor stops to talk to someone else, you may not get the entirety of the information you need to stay safe. They might even give you the wrong instructions because they are rushing to finish.

You may find yourself confused when you get home and have to take the medicine, which can lead to a mistake. Staying aware of how medication errors can happen in a crowded or hectic place can help you identify risky situations, allowing you to take steps to prevent medical malpractice.

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