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Ways to avoid motorcycle accidents in Missouri during spring

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Springtime brings warmer temperatures and more daylight hours. The seasonal shift gives motorcyclists more opportunities to take to the roads.

However, recent deadly crashes have spurred Springfield police to remind all motorists to remember safety tips so that the streets stay safe for everyone.

Reminders for motorcyclists

While everyone should do their part on the road, motorcyclists have to make a concerted effort because they are more at risk if an accident occurs. Riders must avoid distracted driving and stay alert to traffic on all sides.

Many accidents occur among unlicensed riders, so bikers should have a Class M license or permit. Visibility is crucial for motorcyclists, so riders do well to wear bright or reflective clothing. They should also stay out of blind spots, especially while passing other vehicles.

Bikers can take particular care at intersections, where accidents are most common. Riders should also be extra cautious when precipitation starts to fall, which can still happen suddenly in the spring.

Reminders for automobile drivers

Drivers should respect motorcycles and allow them the appropriate space on the road. This means not following too close. A good practice is to afford bikes even more space than other vehicles. Cars should not share lanes with motorcycles, even if there seems to be enough space.

Additionally, bikes may make sudden maneuvers to avoid obstacles or hazards that a car can absorb, such as a pothole, debris or wind. Giving motorcycles sufficient space lets bikers adjust to conditions.

Spring is a great time to enjoy a joyride or travel to favorite locations on a motorcycle. As motorists travel, everyone can do their part to avoid a life-changing collision. If an accident occurs, injured parties may need to pursue compensation for damages.

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