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Can I get a second opinion for my workers' comp?

Completing your Missouri workers' compensation process can be delicate. You do not want to prematurely close off your options for receiving compensation before you understand the full extent of your injuries as well as the treatments and/or rehabilitation efforts you will require. One way to alleviate your worries is to seek a second doctor to examine you before you settle your claim.

What Workers' Compensation hearings do I have to attend?

If you are injured on the job in Missouri, you probably will file a workers' compensation claim. You will receive benefits as set out under the law. Throughout the process, you may have to attend hearings or other meetings about your benefits to ensure you receive what is due to you. There are several different types of hearings or meeting you may attend.

What is the proper way to handle a heavy lifting injury?

Ideally, a workplace facility where heavy objects must be transported should have preventive measures in place to keep workers from being injured. However, should these measures fail, any Missouri worker that suffers a lifting injury on the job should take crucial steps during those immediate minutes and hours after the injury has occurred to prevent further harm and to receive proper compensation.

Your workers' comp claim was denied, now what?

If you were to be injured while on the job and subsequently denied workers' compensation coverage, this denial might constitute a breach of Missouri employment law. Most employers and insurance companies know this, and, being respectful of the law, they tend to honor legitimate claims. However, if you should be unlucky enough to have to deal with a questionably ethical denial of coverage, there would still be potential avenues via which you could obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

When was workers' compensation established?

Workers' compensation is required in Missouri for most employers. You have probably heard of it before. It offers coverage for you if you are injured at work. It may pay medical bills and provide you with replacement income if you cannot return to work. One thing you may not know is how this program originated and how it was created within our country.

Why should I report minor injuries to my employer?

If you have an accident at work in Springfield, you might not realize when you should file an incident report for your injuries. Not all injuries are severe when they first occur. It is important for you to report all injuries, even those you feel are minor and insignificant to establish a record of them. 

What is the Second Injury Fund?

If you have filed a workers' compensation claim in Missouri, you may have heard of the Second Injury Fund. According to the Department of Labor, the Second Injury Fund is an additional fund for injured workers who have already made a workers' compensation claim. If you have a recent injury that complicates a previous injury or disability, then you may get benefits under the Second Injury Fund to help rehabilitate you so you may work again. 

The frustrating effects of dealing with an emotional injury

When thinking about workers' compensation benefits, most people imagine an injury they can see - perhaps a concussion, fracture or laceration resulting from an accident at work. While you might need medical care and time off work to recover from your injuries, many physical wounds heal in time. At the law office of Hall Ansley, P.C., we understand that emotional injuries sustained by Missouri employees can be more complex. They can take much more time to recover from, and they are often misunderstood by workers' compensation officials.

Is working third shift more dangerous than other shifts?

If you have ever had a job in Missouri where you worked third shift, then you probably know how difficult it can be. The world, in general, runs on first shift hours with people awake and busy during the day and asleep at night. It can be tough when you are operating on opposite hours. In fact, it may actually be dangerous for you to work third shift. 

Amputation is likely if you work in the manufacturing industry

Many people believe that constructions workers in the Springfield area are at high risk for catastrophic workplace injuries. What they might not realize is that safety risks are present in most work environments. Employers must take measures to minimize hazards for their workers, especially in jobs where heavy machinery and dangerous working conditions are present. Individuals who work in the manufacturing industry are more likely to suffer amputation injuries than any other work sector, states CNN Money. 


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