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What are the types of distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Personal Injury |

You may think that distracted driving is all the same, but there are actually three distinct ways you can suffer distractions when driving. Each is serious and can lead to accidents. They tie into the skills that you need when driving a motor vehicle.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention explain that the three types of distractions are cognitive, visual and manual. These three distraction types can occur in many ways. It is essential to understand them and avoid allowing any type of distraction to occur when you are driving.


Cognitive distractions occur when you take your focus off of driving. You may be having a phone conversation or messing with the radio. In any case, you are not thinking solely about driving and what is happening on the roadway around you.


Visual distractions are the best known. They occur when you take your eyes off the road. You could do this when looking at your cell phone or even reaching over to grab some fries out of the bag you just got at the drive-thru.


Manual distractions are when you physically do not engage with the task of driving. You may take your hands off the wheel to fix your hair or to grab your cell phone. Having both hands on the wheel is essential to safe driving, so anytime you remove a hand, you increase distractions.

Any type of distraction is bad. The only way to safely drive is to put your complete attention on the task. Distractions can set you up for a horrible accident.

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