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Clear Answers To Car Accident Questions

After a car accident or motor vehicle accident of any kind, you are going to have questions. At Hall Ansley in Springfield, Missouri, our attorneys are committed to giving you clear and honest answers. We encourage you to discuss your case with us as soon as possible.

Talk To A Lawyer Before You Talk To The Insurance Company

Here is a common scenario: an auto accident victim suffers serious injuries. While the victim is recovering, possibly while the victim is still in the hospital, he or she gets a call from the negligent driver’s insurance company. The insurance company offers a settlement. The amount seems reasonable on the surface, so the victim accepts the offer. Later, the victim is faced with serious financial problems because the settlement money runs out while the bills related to the automobile accident are still rolling in.

Our car accident lawyers will thoroughly review your claim to determine how much compensation you should receive. We will fight to see that you get the money you need to pay your medical bills and other costs. Our record of results is proof of our ability to take on insurance companies and help car accident victims get fair compensation.

What Type Of Motor Vehicle Crash Caused The Injuries?

We handle car accidents and motor vehicle accidents of all kinds, including trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. We will take:

Injuries from car accidents can be severe. We will fight to get you full compensation.

Should I call the police if an accident occurs?

Absolutely. The responding officer to the car accident will prepare an accident report. As part of that process, the officer will take statements from the other driver and/or witnesses, will record the weather conditions, the road conditions, visibility, and the personal information of the other driver, including the driver’s insurance information. This information can prove extremely important when and if it becomes necessary to file a civil lawsuit.

Should I report the accident to my insurance company if I don’t think I was at fault?

Yes. Even though you do not think you were at fault, that does not mean the other driver (or a court) will agree. As a participant, you may not be in the best position to make that call. Reporting any auto accident to your insurer is important for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that YOUR policy almost certainly requires you to do so regardless of who you think was at fault. Don’t risk losing your coverage simply because you were mistaken about who or what caused the accident.

Should I go to the doctor after a car accident?

Even if you don’t think you’re seriously injured, it is always a good idea to see a doctor following an auto accident. The doctor may simply confirm that you’re not seriously injured, leaving you no worse off than the cost of an office exam. However, doctors are trained to diagnose and treat conditions and injuries caused by traumatic events such as auto collisions before they begin to cause extreme pain and discomfort. If you feel minor pain or discomfort initially, but wait until the discomfort or pain becomes unbearable before seeking treatment, the other driver’s insurance company will almost certainly dispute that your condition was caused by the accident due to the lapse of time between the two.

What should I take pictures of?

Following a motor vehicle accident, you should take picture of the scene of the accident, the damage to the vehicles, any visible signs of your injuries, and any witnesses to the accident, including the other driver.

Should I discuss the accident with the other driver’s insurance company before I talk to an attorney?

No, it is not necessary to discuss the accident with the other driver’s insurance company before talking to your own attorney in Missouri.

What if I was partly to blame for the accident?

You may still be entitled to a recovery from the other driver based on his or her percentage of fault for your total injuries even if you were partly to blame for the car accident.

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