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A few examples of sexual harassment stories include comments of a sexual nature, receiving lewd text messages or images, comments about an employee’s body parts and more.

Such comments and actions can create a “hostile environment” and cause humiliation, psychological/physical stress and damage to a person’s career.

Every woman has a story.

These are the stories of people who successfully fought back against discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Alexaundrea’s Story.

The joy of learning she was pregnant turned into anxiety and worry when Alex’s employer started cutting her shifts and changing her schedule. This eventually led to the loss of her job and a financial crisis for her family. Here is her story.

Melissa’s Story.

While attending college in Springfield, Melissa worked full time to support herself. She felt singled out in the workplace due to her gender and her race. The situation deteriorated, which caused Melissa to lose her job and only source of income. Here is her story.