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2-vehicle accident in Missouri leaves motorcyclist dead

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2020 | Personal Injury |

According to authorities, so far there have been four fatal motor vehicle accidents in the community of Springfield, Missouri. The most recent was a two-vehicle accident that occurred last week between a pickup truck and a motorcycle. The driver of the pickup reported no injuries, but the motorcyclist, a 25-year-old man, died at the scene. 

At the time of the collision on Wednesday afternoon, the two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions on Kearney. The pickup was heading in an eastbound direction while towing a trailer approximately 15 feet long. The driver intended to turn left onto Broadway Street and was in the appropriate lane. Meanwhile, the motorcyclist was in the outside lane traveling west on Kearney. 

The driver of the pickup reportedly attempted the planned left turn while the motorcycle was still approaching. The collision happened at the intersection when the truck allegedly got in front of the motorcycle during the turn. 

The nature of the motorcyclist’s injuries is unknown, but they were serious enough to claim his life before transportation to the hospital for treatment could take place. Authorities have not indicated whether the accident is still under investigation or if the driver of the pickup truck will face any charges. They have also not commented on any distraction, impairment, weather or road conditions that may have had a part to play in the collision. 

Motorcyclists tend to be more vulnerable to serious injury in a collision with another vehicle. A car or truck making a left turn in front of them is one of the most hazardous situations that can arise. 

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