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Tips for coping with post-traumatic stress after a car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Personal Injury |

If you were recently in a car accident, it was likely a traumatic experience, especially since so many collisions are fatal. According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 2018, 33,654 fatal car accidents occurred in the U.S. 

After the accident, you may experience feelings of shock, anger, nervousness, fear and worry. If these feelings have started to interfere with your normal daily life, here are some tips for coping with the post-traumatic stress of the car accident. 

Talk to someone

Do not be afraid to go over the details of the car accident with someone you trust. Talk out the situation with a close friend, family member or a therapist. 

Stay active

As long as any injuries from the collision do not interfere, try to stay as active as you can and exercise often. Before you get back to exercising, however, ask your doctor about how much you can do safely. 

Get back to normal routines

After a traffic accident, it may be hard to feel like you can go back to your normal life. Although this may be difficult, try to get back to work, school or other normal activities as soon as you can. 

Learn to drive defensively

Driving or being in a vehicle may be difficult following the car accident. Make more of an effort to become a defensive driver when you have to operate a vehicle. Always wear your seatbelt, drive carefully and avoid distractions, like using your cellphone, eating or talking on the phone. 

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