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Workers’ Comp For Back And Cervical Injuries

Back injuries are among the most painful types of debilitating injuries but are often the most difficult to prove. Because of the nature of the injury and therapy options that relieve the pain but may not repair the damage, back and neck injuries often result in claims of permanent and total disability.

If you are suffering from back pain that prevents you from doing your job in Central or Southwestern Missouri, you have the right to file for Missouri workers’ compensation benefits. The workers’ compensation insurer already has attorneys helping them. It only stands to reason that you should have an attorney helping you.

Working Hard On Your Behalf

At Hall Ansley, we are a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who work vigorously to ensure that injured workers receive the workers’ compensation benefits they need for themselves and their families. As successful personal injury lawyers, we know the medical issues related to back injuries and work with your doctor to ensure your diagnosis is accurate and you receive the work certification that is right for your long-term treatment and return to health.

Our firm employs two registered nurses to help ensure that our clients involved in workplace injuries obtain proper medical attention and a fair impairment settlement, including future medical treatment throughout your life as made necessary by the work injury.

Whether you are filing an initial workers’ compensation claim for your injury or have been denied, we can help. We handle every part of the process for you. From factory workers to construction workers, if you have suffered a workplace injury, do not delay. It is important that you discuss your claim with a workers’ compensation lawyer before you settle your claim.

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Our Springfield back injury attorneys handle workers’ compensation claims and appeals for injured workers throughout Central and Southwestern Missouri. Call us at 417-429-1372 or contact us by email for a free consultation.

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