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Injured In A Collision With A Truck?

Have you or a loved one been hurt in a trucking accident? Before you choose an attorney to handle your case, you must understand that semitruck accident cases are much different than typical car accident claims. You should select an attorney with experience and a record of results handling this specific type of motor vehicle accident case.

At Hall Ansley in Springfield, Missouri, we bring decades of experience to these complex cases. We are familiar with the laws that apply specifically to the trucking industry, and we are well-versed in the common causes of trucking accidents. Our semitruck crash lawyers know how to build a case designed to get you maximum compensation.

How Truck Collision Claims Are Different From Car Accident Cases

Truck accident injuries tend to be more severe than car accident injuries, simply because of the enormous size of the vehicles involved. Semitruck crashes are more likely to result in life-changing injuries like brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

While the extent of the injuries always plays a role in how a personal injury case is handled, the biggest distinguishing factor in truck accident claims is the unique laws that apply. Truck drivers are required to follow specific rules. They can only spend a certain number of hours behind the wheel. They must keep logbooks detailing their driving. They must see to the care and maintenance of their vehicles. Often, our investigation reveals that a truck accident was caused because of a truck driver’s failure to follow these industry-specific laws.

The fact that we know what to look for in these cases is important. We know the importance of getting to the truck’s black box before it is tampered with by the trucking company. We know to investigate for falsified logbooks. We know how to dig for the details that will prove necessary to make the truck accident claim a success.

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