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Types Of Personal Injury Compensation

Serious injuries are expensive. Often, they are even more expensive than they may at first seem. Insurance companies sometimes take advantage of this fact. They make a settlement offer that looks like a substantial amount of money. Unfortunately, it does not end up covering all of the long-term costs associated with the personal injury. If you or a loved one has been hurt, discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer at Hall Ansley before signing anything.

Medical Bills

Personal injury compensation must be sufficient to cover all medical costs. This is not limited to the bills that have already accumulated. It must also include any future treatment that will be required for the injury. If there will be a need for future surgeries, if long-term physical therapy will be necessary or if the victim will need in-home care for years to come, these costs need to be covered. Our attorneys will work hard to see that they are.

Lost Wages

Adding up the wages that have already been lost due to a serious injury is easy. But what about future wage loss? What if the victim will never be able to return to his or her previous job, and must get new training and pursue a different career? What if the victim will never be able to work again? We are well-versed in pursuing fair compensation for lost wages.

Pain And Suffering

Accident victims in Springfield and throughout Missouri also have the right to request compensation for their pain and suffering. How is the pain suffered due to the carelessness of a medical professional calculated? How can the suffering experienced in an auto wreck be quantified? This is no easy task, but our experience has taught us how to calculate fair compensation for pain and suffering in personal injury cases.

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