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Legal Help After Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions typically result in serious injuries such as brain injuries, neck injuries and back injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in this type of car accident, it is important that you choose a lawyer who is experienced in handling challenging claims. At Hall Ansley, our car accident lawyers have decades of experience representing serious injury victims in Springfield and throughout Missouri. Our record of results includes million- and multimillion-dollar wins.

Investigating Of Head-On Accident Claims

In some cases, the investigation of a head-on crash is relatively straightforward. The case may involve a negligent driver driving the wrong way on a one-way street, driving the wrong way on a highway exit ramp or driving in the wrong lane of traffic. Not surprisingly, many of these cases involve drunk drivers.

Sometimes, head-on crash claims require a close investigation. There may be questions about which party crossed the center line. In these cases, we may need to draw from our network of accident reconstruction experts in order to determine exactly what happened.

One of the most challenging aspects of head-on collisions and other cases involving serious injuries is demonstrating the extent of the injuries and the cost. In head-on collision cases, it is not uncommon for the victim to be paralyzed or otherwise seriously injured and requiring a lifetime worth of medical treatment. Our attorneys take great care to work with medical experts and economists to understand the full value of the claim. We will pursue maximum compensation, through negotiation and trial.

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