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Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

For a semitruck accident claim to be successful, an attorney must determine the cause of the accident. At Hall Ansley, our attorneys have decades of experience investigating semitruck accidents that occurred in Springfield and elsewhere in Missouri. When necessary, we will bring in experts on accident reconstruction and investigation to ensure that we have all of the facts we need to build a strong case. We will work hard to make your case a success.

Having handled so many trucking accident cases, we understand the common causes. Among them are driver fatigue, overloaded trucks and poorly maintained trucks. Our accident attorneys hold negligent trucking companies and truck drivers accountable for their negligence.

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Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers are only allowed to spend a certain number of hours behind the wheel. They are supposed to take rest periods. Unfortunately, the trucking industry is such that drivers are often rewarded for getting their job done as quickly as possible. That means ignoring regulations and driving fatigued, which can lead to serious truck accidents.

Overloaded Trucks

Tractor-trailers are heavy vehicles to start with. Truck drivers must apply the brakes far earlier than the driver of a smaller vehicle would need to. When a tractor-trailer is overloaded, braking times increase. If the driver does not brake in time, it can result in a rear-end crash. Hazards are also created when a truck is improperly loaded. Oversized loads and unbalanced loads are frequent causes of trucking accidents.

Improper Truck Maintenance

The wear and tear on a semitruck is intense. The vehicle must be regularly checked and maintained. Something as seemingly minor as reflectors covered with grime and rendered useless can lead to a serious accident. Other problems are braking issues and blowouts from bad tires. Whatever the case may be, our lawyers can help.

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