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Was Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

Has your workers’ compensation claim been denied? Perhaps your claim was approved, but you are concerned that you are not getting sufficient benefits. Perhaps you were getting benefits, but now your employer and the workers’ compensation insurer have threatened to cut them off. Whatever the case may be, the attorneys at Hall Ansley can help. We have proven results.

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Process

Our lawyers have decades of experience helping injured workers in Springfield and throughout Missouri navigate the workers’ compensation appeals process.

The first step in the process is a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. Prior to the hearing, we will review your application to determine if any supplemental information is necessary. When needed, we may draw from our network of experts, including medical specialists and vocational specialists, to strengthen your case.

If the administrative law judge’s decision is not favorable, the next step is to appeal the matter with the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission, sometimes referred to as simply the Labor Commission. This step is time-sensitive. An application for review must be filed within 20 days of the administrative law judge’s decision. Again, at this step we will determine if there is any supplementary information needed to help the Commission make a decision.

If the appeal in front of the Labor Commission is unsuccessful, the matter can be taken even further. The decision of the Labor Commission can be taken to the Missouri Court of Appeals. We will determine if this step is appropriate and carefully prepare for this level of appeal.

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