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How safe are touchscreen infotainment systems?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you have shopped for a new car, truck or SUV recently, you have undoubtedly seen more than your fair share of large touchscreens. The screens appeal to buyers, as they have a futuristic and sleek look to them. Moreover, infotainment touchscreens allow you to access a variety of vehicle systems and smartphone apps with just the touch of your finger.

According to reporting from MotorBiscuit, many car manufacturers are replacing traditional buttons and knobs with touchscreens. This means you may have to fiddle with a screen to turn on the air conditioner, move your seat or even adjust the steering wheel. Regrettably, though, touch screens may be more dangerous than they are worth.

Distracted driving

To avoid a collision, drivers should devote their full attention to the driving task. This becomes even more important as a vehicle’s speed increases, as drivers have less time to react to road hazards and other accident risks.

Swiping through a touchscreen infotainment system is undeniably distracting. Rather than watching the road, drivers may waste mental and manual attention on the infotainment system. This, of course, may make them a considerable accident risk.

Collision avoidance

While it is not yet clear whether massive touchscreens are here to stay, there may be some good news. As vehicle manufacturers integrate more technology into cars, trucks and SUVs, they often add collision-avoidance systems. These systems alert drivers to accident risks when there is time to react to them. They may also automatically apply the vehicle’s brakes.

Ultimately, because comprehensive collision-avoidance systems are not standard on most vehicles, drivers must resist the temptation to use large touch screens when their vehicles are in motion.

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