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Are surgical errors preventable?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2023 | Medical Malpractice |

A National Institutes of Health article noted that around 4,000 surgical errors happen annually in the U.S. It is imperative to recognize that surgical errors are often preventable.

Understanding the factors contributing to these errors is key to enhancing patient safety.

Failing to follow protocols

Good procedures act like a guide for surgical teams, showing the important steps and precautions to make sure a surgery is safe and works well. When surgical team members ignore these procedures, the chance of making mistakes goes up a lot. Deviations from established procedures may result in unintended complications.

Providing inadequate training

Because surgeries are complex procedures, healthcare professionals need a lot of skill and expertise. If they do not get enough training, they might make wrong decisions, mess up procedures and have a higher chance of making mistakes. It is really important to make sure healthcare professionals get thorough and ongoing training to decrease the chances of avoidable surgical errors.

Introducing human error

People making mistakes is a big reason for surgical errors, even though it is something that naturally happens. Things like fatigue, stress or distractions can make it hard for healthcare professionals to do their best in the operating room. To stop these mistakes, healthcare professionals must use strategies to lessen their impact. This can include making sure they get enough rest, practicing mindfulness and communicating well within the surgical team.

Stopping surgical errors depends on everyone in the medical industry working together to create a safe culture. By putting measures in place to prevent mistakes, the industry can make surgical errors happen much less often.

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