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Car accidents and burn injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2018 | Firm News, Personal Injury |

Car accidents in Springfield often have devastating consequences for those involved. There are a variety of factors that determine the type and seriousness of injuries victims sustain. It is not uncommon for some vehicles to catch fire. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 1,250 people sustained burn injuries from 194,000 highway car accidents that occurred from 2008 to 2010. Victims are likely to sustain mild to severe burns that they might not completely recover from.

Car fires are rare, but they are not the only cause of burn injuries in accident victims. Malfunctioning airbags can cause accident victims to suffer burns, states FindLaw. Burn trauma can also occur when vehicle occupants come in contact with car fluids, chemicals, heat and electrical components. Regardless of how they occur, the pain and suffering are often catastrophic and recovery is often long and challenging.

Burn injuries fall into four categories; first, second, third and fourth degree. Third and fourth-degree burns are the most serious. They involve serious skin damage (all layers of skin are affected), nerve, muscle and bone damage and a loss of sensation. Victims often need multiple skin grafts, surgeries and face long and painful recoveries.

Second-degree burns are not as serious as third and fourth-degree burns. Victims have moderate to serious skin damage, severe pain and blisters. Some second-degree burns do not require skin grafts to heal. First-degree burns are the least serious type of burn injury. The outer layer of skin is injured and may have a red appearance, accompanied by pain. Most first-degree burns heal within several days. People who suffer electrical burns usually have internal burn injuries that are not immediately apparent.

Many burn victims require extensive and intensive medical care, multiple surgeries and rehabilitation. They are unable to work and provide for their families. Car accidents are not always easy to avoid. But, many of them are preventable. Anyone who suffers burn injuries in a car accident should seek out guidance from an attorney to learn how they can qualify for compensation from the negligent party.

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