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How can a low cholesterol misdiagnosis lead to a stroke?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Medical Malpractice |

Staying healthy often means eating right and exercising. Individuals usually take these steps to prevent high cholesterol levels.

However, it is not the only issue that people can have with their cholesterol. A misdiagnosis related to this problem may lead to the need for a person to seek fair compensation for their injuries.

Understanding the problem

Cholesterol is important for many bodily functions. A person’s health depends on finding the right balance between the different types of this substance. Very low cholesterol may be a less common problem, but it can still potentially lead to issues like depression and cancer.

Dealing with doctors

Imagine someone going to the doctor worried about their health, trusting that their doctor will help them. When this doctor gets back a test that indicates low cholesterol, they may proceed to make several wrong choices.

These errors are due to the perception that low levels are always good. When screening results show lower levels, doctors may negligently choose to not look further into the issue or run further tests. This malpractice can lead to many long-lasting health complications for patients when a professional fails to address the original problem.

Struggling with a stroke

One of these complications is an increased likelihood of stroke. Since doctors do not see low cholesterol as a warning sign, they might attribute symptoms of a stroke to other factors. This may lead to unneeded treatment of another issue in its place.

Doctors need to take responsibility for medical malpractice. By staying informed about this topic, people can prevent further stress after a misdiagnosis and stroke.

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