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How do back injuries affect recovery?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Personal Injury |

The recovery process for a back injury differs from person to person depending on many factors. However, almost every back injury has a longer recovery process which can lead to complications in a victim’s life.

In many ways, back injuries can impact the process of recovery itself, too. But what does that look like?

Getting through the inflammation

The International Association for the Study of Pain discusses the manifestation of back injuries. These injuries can happen for a number of reasons, like fall incidents or car crashes. Regardless of the cause, back injuries often take weeks to get through the inflammatory stage.

Most doctors will suggest that workers do not return to the job until after the inflammatory stage is passed. Of course, not every person has the ability to take this much time away from their job. This can create a cycle of re-injuring a back injury, resulting in a person having to take more time away from work later.

The mental and emotional effects

Back injuries and their associated pain can have mental and emotional impacts, too. Many sufferers of chronic pain find themselves struggling with depression or anxiety over time. They may even experience stressor or trauma-based disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder if they have a particularly difficult experience with their chronic pain.

Recovery is not a straightforward process for any injury, either. It is full of ups and downs. This can exacerbate a sufferer’s mental health and make it even harder for them to maintain their job.

This is why many back injury sufferers seek compensation in order to at least maintain a baseline of income and financial support while going through this tricky recovery process.

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