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Identifying age discrimination in the workplace

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Employment |

There are many types of discrimination that occur in the workplace, including that based on sex, race and religion. Age discrimination is another type and is sometimes ignored, either because people are unaware that it qualifies as inequity or because people assume that others know better than to engage in this activity.

These are some of the things that qualify as age discrimination in Missouri workplaces.

Lack of opportunities

People on the receiving end of age discrimination may experience a lack of opportunities in the workplace. This often results from managers believing that older people learn new things more slowly or are less adept at using new technologies. This lack of opportunities may lead to an employee not getting a promotion or pay raise that they deserve.

Persistent comments and jokes

Persistent, unwanted comments and jokes about one’s age may also qualify as a type of age discrimination. These can include, but are not limited to, comments about when someone is going to retire or jokes about not being good with computers.

Leaving people out

Many people may view leaving people out of meetings at work or gatherings outside of work to be a form of age discrimination. An example of this could be a company hosting a 5k run and not inviting employees over a certain age because they assume they would not want to participate.

There are laws out there to protect people against age discrimination, and it is easier to uphold these laws when people can identify what it looks like.

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