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What issues can lead to anesthesia errors?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

For safety and comfort, anesthesia is a necessary part of surgery. Despite this, it is still dangerous, especially if errors occur during administration or monitoring.

The safety of anesthesia often depends on the anesthesiologist having all the background information on the patient and having the proper training. Common issues can lead to serious errors that put the patient’s life at risk.

Administration mistakes

If the anesthesiologist is not careful and skilled at determining the correct amount of medication to administer and choosing the right type of medication, it can lead to issues. Anesthesia requires exactness. It must occur in a controlled way to avoid mistakes in dosage and administration, but human error can occur.

Inadequate knowledge

The training and knowledge of the anesthesiologist are essential to a safe experience. A person who is not well trained could make many mistakes. From not being able to understand patient risks from mishandling the medication to improper monitoring when the patient is unconscious, there are many ways for the professional to mess up. An anesthesiologist should have the proper degrees and background to show he or she can perform up to standards. There also must be oversight to look for any possible defects in the professional’s skills.

Procedure mistakes

There is no room for not following the rules in an operating room. If an anesthesiologist is not paying attention to procedures or feels he or she does not have to follow the guidelines, then that person should not be a part of the surgical team. Refusal to follow protocol leads to errors.

Issues with an anesthesiologist should be a concern for everyone on the team. If someone sees problems, they should speak up because anesthesia errors can claim lives.

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