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What constitutes distracted driving in Missouri?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Distracted driving poses a significant threat on Missouri roads. The state defines distracted driving as any activity that diverts attention from driving, leading to impaired focus on the road ahead.

According to Act Missouri, the state recorded nearly 2,500 car accidents caused by distracted driving in 2019. Recognizing what constitutes distracted driving can help you avoid this charge.

Texting and driving

One major component of distracted driving is texting while driving. The law prohibits drivers from engaging in any form of text messaging or electronic communication while operating a motor vehicle. This includes composing, sending or reading text messages. It also applies to any other form of written communication. The aim is to prevent drivers from diverting their attention away from the road, reducing the risk of accidents caused by delayed reactions.

Electronic device usage

For novice drivers, defined as those under the age of 21, any use of handheld electronic devices while driving is strictly forbidden. This includes making calls, sending texts or using apps. The state recognizes the vulnerability of inexperienced drivers and aims to instill safe driving habits from the outset.

School zones and construction zones

Missouri law prohibits the use of handheld electronic devices for all drivers in school zones and construction zones. Maintaining focus on the road is paramount for everyone’s safety when pedestrians, children and construction workers are near the street.

Distracted driving awareness

You may receive points on your driving record every time you get a ticket for distracted driving. Accumulating points can lead to increased insurance rates and even license suspension in extreme cases. This serves as a deterrent, reinforcing the importance of remaining attentive while driving.

Understanding what constitutes distracted driving is important for all motorists. By avoiding driving distractions, you can increase the safety of everyone you see on the road.

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