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Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Case Results

Trucking Accident

$1,160,000 Arbitration Award. Steven Blair and Chip Lee represented a man who lost his 11-month-old daughter and unborn child when his daughter and pregnant girlfriend were struck and killed by a tow truck driver while crossing Highway 64 near its intersection with Highway 5 in Lebanon, Missouri.  After settling with the tow truck driver’s insurer, Steven and Chip sued the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for failing to install crosswalks or other pedestrian facilities that would have made it possible for the mother to safely cross the street. A three-member arbitration panel unanimously found that the intersection was not reasonably safe, that it contributed to cause the deaths, and assessed total damages for the client at $1,160,000.00.

$900,000 Verdict. Ben Stringer represented a young woman who suffered a lower back/disk injury when her vehicle was struck from behind by a driver who was allegedly drunk. The client received a $900,000 verdict at trial, but the insurer appealed the judgment. Attorney Steven Blair successfully handled the appeal, getting the judgment affirmed by the appellate court and allowing the client to recover nearly $90,000 in interest on her original judgment. Mr. Stringer was also able to obtain a $25,000 under-insured motorist payment from the client’s own insurance company.

$525,000 Settlement. Debbie Dodge represented a 48-year-old nurse who was injured in a vehicular accident and suffered from an exacerbation of her pre-existing neck pain. The nurse required two cervical fusions. She has a decreased range of motion in her neck, continued pain and reduced work expectancy. The case settled for the policy limits of the nurse’s under-insured policy without the necessity of filing suit.

$425,000 Settlement. Ben Stringer represented a young man who was injured when the vehicle he was driving was struck by a vehicle driving in the wrong direction and in his lane. The young man suffered a concussion and fracture of his right femur. After discharge from the hospital he developed blood clots, which traveled to his heart and lungs and required another hospital admission for treatment.

$175,000 settlement. David Ansley and Adam Pihana represented a 74-year-old female who was involved in a motor vehicle accident with an uninsured motorist. She sued the driver of her car, the uninsured motorist who drove the other car, and her insurance company for uninsured motorist insurance benefits. The case ultimately settled for $175,000, which represented the policy limits of all insurance coverage available.

$250,000 Verdict. Benjamin Stringer and David Ansley represented the husband and children of a woman killed in a motor vehicle collision on Highway 13. The accident occurred when a vehicle drove past a stop sign and into the intersection of Highway 13, striking the vehicle of the woman. The family filed suit against the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission (MHTC), alleging that inadequate visibility and traffic controls on Route CC contributed to cause the accident. The jury ruled in favor of the family and requested that the MHTC improve the safety of intersection Route BB/CC.

Insurance Policy Limits:

$100,000 Settlement against Allstate. Debbie Dodge represented a 79-year-old woman from Camden County, Missouri, who was injured in a car wreck while driving in Springfield through a major intersection. The wreck occurred when a vehicle t-boned into the woman’s vehicle. She sustained soft tissue damages and a bulging disk in her lumbar spine.

**Past results afford no guarantee of future results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits.