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Personal Injury Claims Case Results

Wrongful Death

$1 Million Dollar Settlement. David Ansley represented the widow and minor children of a 31-year-old man who was hospitalized for kidney stones. While hospitalized, the patient developed a perforated intestine due to underlying diverticulitis. This condition went untreated for three to four days, despite x-rays demonstrating air within the abdominal cavity. By the time the perforated bowel condition was diagnosed, the patient was gravely ill. As a result of his massive abdominal infection, the patient died.

Confidential Settlement. David Ansley represented the surviving spouse and minor children of a 33-year-old woman who was admitted to the hospital with extreme abdominal pain. She was diagnosed with constipation, when in fact she suffered a twisted bowel. By the time a surgeon was consulted and made the diagnosis, her condition was irreversible and she died of dead bowel.

$500,000  Settlement.  Deborah Dodge represented surviving spouse, adult and minor children of a man who presented to a VA hospital complaining of an extreme headache that woke him up from sleep.  Three days later, without the benefit of having a neurological consult, he suffered from a massive stroke leading to his ultimate death.  The family alleged loss of support, love and counsel among other the non-economic damages, along with future economic damages in maintaining the household as he had already retired from the military.

Premises Liability

$167,000 Settlement. Debbie Dodge represented a 51-year-old woman who was traveling through Springfield, Missouri, to Pennsylvania. She and her husband decided to eat at a chain restaurant. The staff, in preparation of closing for the evening, cleaned the bathroom floor with a slick cleaner. The staff did not warn their customers of the condition of the floor or barricade the area. Without warning, the woman stepped in the restroom and immediately fell. She suffered from a full thickness tear of the ACL, with a complicated tear of the medial meniscus requiring reconstructive knee surgery. She was able to return to work but her recreational activities were limited.

Product Liability

$1,700,000 Settlement. Ben Stringer and David Ansley represented a young boy who suffered extensive burns on his legs, stomach, chest and back as a result of a propane gas explosion and fire. Through extensive investigation and analysis, the attorneys discovered gas that leaked from a line connected to a gas burning appliance in the home. The attorneys demonstrated the gas line became damaged as a result of improper insulation, allowing gas to leak throughout the home. Ultimately, the gas contracted an ignition source, believed to be a pilot light from another gas-burning appliance, and resulted in the large explosion and fire.

$225,000 Settlement. Ben Stringer represented a woman who had three of her fingers caught in a machine blade at her workplace. The fingers were surgically repaired, but the client suffered pain and loss of strength and range of motion in the three fingers.

**Past results afford no guarantee of future results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits.